Declaring LMC Major

We are so glad you are interested in the Literature, Media, and Communication major!

Our students customize their LMC experience by selecting two threads from the following: Literature, Media, Communication, Design, Social Justice, and STAC (Science, Technology, and Culture).

Learn more about our threads.

Changing Majors

Fill out the Change of Major Form

Please download the Change of Major form and fill it out with your student information at the top.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

In order to change your major, you will need the signature of your current academic advisor and the LMC advisor. Please use Advisor Link to schedule an appointment.

Review LMC Major

Before you attend your advisement appointment with the LMC advisor, please review the LMC degree details and the university catalog.

Turn in Change of Major Form

Once you have met with both academic advisors and received their signatures, you will turn in the form to the Registrar's office in Tech Tower.