Bachelor of Science in Literature, Media, and Communication

The B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC) offers a vibrant and versatile humanities education in the different modes of representation that structure our technological and global world.

The Literature, Media, and Communication bachelor's degree offers several concentrations or threads, which can be customized to meet students' intellectual interests and career goals.

The Bachelor of Science in Literature, Media, and Communication provides the analytical and technical skills required for a career in fields such as film, the arts, science and technical writing, publicity, and literature. Graduates will have both significant theoretical and hands-on experience with novels, films, games, comic books, web pages, and scientific documents.

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Bachelor of Science in Literature, Media, and Communication Threads

Customize your degree by choosing two threads of study.

  • Literature - Studying the history of storytelling in poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction as well as oral and print traditions to their electronic and digital counterparts.
  • Communication - Examining and producing media that are rhetorically persuasive and speak to audiences across written, oral, verbal, electronic, and non-verbal situation.
  • Design - Building and critically analyzing interactive systems for commerce, education, entertainment, social media, and personal expression.
  • Media - Understanding the rhetoric, history, forms, and technologies fundamental to the development and creation of film, electronic media, and/or live and mediated performance.
  • Social Justice - Mapping the evolution of race, gender, and environmental issues over the past three centuries in relation to new scientific and social realities
  • Science, Technology, and Culture (STAC) - Exploring the relations between science and technology and the broad range of cultural practices in art, ethics, medicine, economics, and politics.

Outcomes of thread combinations:

  • Literature & Media - Publishing, Content Development
  • Literature & Communication - Art Administration, Public Relations
  • Literature & Design - Education Tech, New Media
  • Literature & Social Justice - Law, Non-Profit Organizations
  • Literature & STAC - Public Health, Education
  • Media & Communication - Tech Communication, Film and Television
  • Media & Design - Web Design, Marketing
  • Media & Social Justice - Government Work, Legal Services
  • Media & STAC - Science Communication, Technical Consulting
  • Communication & Design - Social Media, Web Design
  • Communication & Social Justice - Pre-Law, Advocacy
  • Communication & STAC - Medical Communication, Project Management
  • Design & Social Justice - Education Software, Government Organizations
  • Design & STAC - Device Prototyping, Science Education
  • Social Justice & STAC - Environmental Services, Pre-Health