Faculty Highlight

Lisa Yaszek

From alien warrior queens to fighting housewives and heroic astronauts – In her latest book, The Future is Female!, Dr. Yaszek highlights stories written between the 1920s and the feminist movements of the 1970s.

Student Highlight

Jessica Anderson

"It was difficult for me to find my bearings in Digital Media, but going through that process strengthened my ability to find my own direction in a professional environment that isn’t prescriptive."

Alumni Highlight

Jillian Broaddus

"The School of Literature, Media, and Communication fostered my passion for the arts, while simultaneously allowing me to gain a Bachelor of Science degree that made me exceptionally marketable amidst an uncertain job market."


“The role that LMC plays in the humanistic side of what our students take away from their Tech experience is more important than ever. ”

Steven W. McLaughlin, Chair, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering