Film & Media Studies Minor

The Film and Media Studies (FMS) minor offers students the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of film and media through concentrated study in courses offered by the School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC). Students may supplement their minor with select courses from the School of History, Science, and Technology (HTS) and the School of Modern Languages (ML) as well.

The Film and Media Studies minor treats film and other modern media as premiere modes of creative expression in the modern era. As such, it focuses mainly on the rhetoric, history, theory, and cultural context of its subjects. While it is not aimed at developing skills in film or media production, those who are interested in attaining such skills may elect to take LMC’s courses in Video Production.


Students interested in the minor should consult with their own major advisor and with the Academic Advisor in LMC. 


The current faculty associated with Film and Media Studies minor are:

  • Logan Freeman
  • John Thornton
  • Qi Wang
  • Robert Wood
  • Greg Zinman


After completing the prerequisite of ENGL 1102, students must take 6 courses (18 total hours) distributed according to the menu below. Students in the Film and Media Studies minor must take all minor courses for letter grades, and they must attain grades of C (2.0) or better in all their minor courses to complete this program of study. Required courses include:

Film and Media Studies Minor

  1. Two of the following courses (6 hours):

    • LMC 2500: Introduction to Film or LMC 2400 Introduction to Media Studies
    • LMC 3254: Film History
  2. Three of the following courses (9 hours):

    • LMC 3206: Studies in Communication and Culture
    • LMC 3252: Studies in Film and Television
    • LMC 3256: Major Filmmakers
    • LMC 3257: Global Cinema
    • LMC 3258: Documentary Film
    • LMC 3259: Experimental Film and Video
    • LMC 3314: Technologies of Representation
    • LMC 3352: Film and/as Technology
    • LMC 3406: Video Production
    • LMC 3853: Special Topics in Film

Total Credit Hours: 15 credits (5 courses)

Students and advisors should review the undergraduate minor guidelines and Institute provisions for change/addition of undergraduate academic minors, as established by the Georgia Tech Registrar's Office. 

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