Black Media Studies

Black Media Studies (BMS) is a multidisciplinary program that combines a variety of innovative approaches and methods to study the relationships between media, culture, and racial politics on people of African descent. It also uses digital technologies to design and make media that connects to the cultural practices of Black people.


Students interested in the minor should consult with their own major advisor and with the Academic Advisor in LMC.


The Black Media Studies faculty include:


After completing the prerequisite of ENGL 1102, students must take 5 courses (15 total hours) distributed according to the menu below. At least 4 of these classes (12 credit hours) must be at the 3000-level or above. Students in the minor must take all minor courses for letter grades, and they must attain grades of C (2.0) or better in all their minor courses to complete this program of study. 

Black Media Studies Minor

  1. Required Courses (3 hours):

    • LMC 2450 Introduction to Black Media Studies
  2. Elective Courses (Four of the following courses - 12 hours):

    • LMC 3450: Blackness, Media, and Meaning-Making
    • LMC 3451: Race, Gender, and Digital Media
    • LMC 3452: Introduction to Black Cultural Production
    • LMC 3453: Afrofuturism
    • LMC 3454: Producing Black Documentary Film and Podcasts
    • LMC 3455: Major Topics in Black Media Studies
    • LMC 3456: Technoculture
    • LMC 3457: Black Cultural Politics and the Southern Experience
    • LMC 3459: Afrofuturism and the Anthropocene

Total Credit Hours: 15 credits (5 courses)

Students and advisors should review the undergraduate minor guidelines and Institute provisions for changing or adding undergraduate academic minors, as established by the Georgia Tech Registrar's Office.

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