Kevin Guebert


Everyone should take a victory lap. My four (plus) years at Georgia Tech while being a CM student has allowed me to partake in so many opportunities that staying another semester was just the logical thing to do. My freshman year I was unsure of many things - what Java was, where Klaus's lecture halls were, and how many times I would have to walk up freshman hill. Fast forward 9 months and I could not believe that I was hiking in Switzerland while working at an advertisement agency doing web and application development. The fun didn't stop there though. My third year I became the Director of Information Technology for the Student Government Association and had an impact on many of the tools students use everyday on campus. I also applied and accepted a co-op position at a company in Atlanta that allowed me to grow and improve my skills at design and development while still being able to partake in campus activities. Computational Media classes have allowed me to create video games that I can play with my friends and produce short films for the world to see. I've designed theme parks, created prototypes, developed video games, and met great people along the way. Being a Computational Media major has helped me become a stronger developer and stronger designer through the resources available and the support provided.

Work Experience 

Guebert is a web developer working daily in PHP, HTML, SCSS/CSS, JS, and MySQL. He optimized editor's workflows by automating reporting for all content to help analyze the performance of articles and writers. He implemented a new testing framework for Behavior Driven Development using Behat as a way to validate editor workow performance and stability. Guebert upgraded the front-end and visual testing framework by integrating Puppeteer to confirm site standards before deployment and spearheaded accessibility testing and performance testing by incorporating Lighthouse tests for site standards. He also developed all tests (Behat, Puppeteer, and Lighthouse) in cooperation with Travis CI and Jenkins CI to automate on every pull request build. Guebert integrated content with the Apple News API allowing editors to reach 5.9 million users every month and started a developer's series of blog posts sharing the technical know-how behind Outside.

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But! the best for last! A chrome extension that brings up a gif of a cat/dog/panda what ever you like in your new tab!

Profile Type: Alumni
Degree: B.S. Computational Media
Job: Web Developer for Outside Magazine