Featured People


  • Anne Sullivan

    Current Job:  Assistant Professor

    Dr. Sullivan's research explores the ways we can encourage and enable underrepresented voices in games. Her work has been shown internationally and at the SAAM Arcade event at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

  • Lisa Yaszek

    Current Job:  Professor, School of Literature, Media, and Communication

    From alien warrior queens to fighting housewives and heroic astronauts – In her latest book, The Future is Female!, Dr. Yaszek highlights stories written between the 1920s and the feminist movements of the 1970s.

  • Yanni Loukissas

    Current Job:  Assistant Professor

    "Learn to think in terms of data settings—defined by the contexts in which data are made and used—not simply data sets”


  • Anthony Teachey

    Degree:  B.S. in Computational Media

    Teachey has always enjoyed the projects he worked on, like creating video games and directing a play. He has loved collaborating with his peers on projects. He believes Computational Media is a great interdisciplinary degree.

  • Carter Allen

    Degree:  B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication

    "I was offered an internship with the Urban Media Lab by the incredible Dr. Ayda Melika. I jumped at the opportunity, never thinking I would be working in my prospective industry so early in my college career."

  • Daniel Otaigbe

    Degree:  B.S. in Computational Media

    He's always loved playing games, so being able to merge computer science at Georgia Tech and game development is perfect for him.

  • Kameron Barrow

    Degree:  B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication

    "I work on designing print and digital media, social media branding, and videography."

  • Mattie Kim

    Degree:  B.S. Computational Media

    "Computational Media is a wonderful way to build a well rounded mindset for yourself in order to approach this world with a unique perspective."

  • Nicole Caiati

    Degree:  B.S. in LMC-Communication & Design

    "The LMC degree at Tech is extraordinary, because it allows students the freedom to shape their degrees based on their passions!"

  • Sarah Engel

    Degree:  B.S. in LMC & B.S. ALIS-German

    "The CoLab has been a great resource for career development, and student media organizations have been a great way to make friends and add to my skillset. Show those engineers that liberal arts can’t be taken for granted!"

  • Selena Do

    Degree:  B.S. in Computational Media

    CM classes provided the lessons and tools to help her create meaningful digital designs to better serve communities.


  • Adam LeDoux

    Degree:  B.S. in Computational Media
    Current Job:  Software engineer at Microsoft

    "Computational Media taught me how to see the computer not just as a tool, but as a medium for artistic expression, and it taught to view the making of art as the technological process it always has been."

  • Anna Folger

    Degree:  B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication and Minor in Industrial Design
    Current Job:  Marketing Specialist at Mailchimp

    "By pairing a depth of internships with school, I have been able to sharpen my focus to more intentionally and strategically think about both my class selections and my career direction."

  • Ariel Thilenius

    Degree:  B.S. Literature, Media, and Communication
    Current Job:  Creative Communications Manager for Jamestown

    Ariel runs her own blog called My Pink Docs aimed towards bringing an authentic, informative, and humorous voice to substantial issues multifaceted millennial women face.

  • Chandler Hall

    Degree:  B.S. in Computational Media
    Current Job:  User Experience Consultant II at Capgemini

    A Computational Media degree provides you with the design and graphical abilities to visualize an idea, as well as the programming skills needed to bring that idea to life.

  • Delaney Murphy

    Degree:  LMC 2020
    Current Job:  Writer, Quest Means Business, CNN International, NYC

    I think getting to make news exciting and digestible is the coolest thing. People only have so much time in the day, so if I can make an important issue easy to understand and interesting to learn about, then I have done my job.

  • Dhanusha Subramani

    Degree:  B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication
    Current Job:  The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Science

    "LMC has played an important role in allowing me to explore and gain competency in the humanities and the sciences."

  • Ellie Morton

    Degree:  B.S. in Computational Media
    Current Job:  UX Research Intern at Carrier

    "CM is the perfect major the explore the intersection of creativity and technology at Georgia Tech. CM classes are very project-based which is a great way to build your skills, let your unique interests shine through, and showcase work on your portfolio!"

  • Fernanda Moreno

    Degree:  B.S. in Computational Media
    Current Job:  Technical Consultant at Capgemini

    "Computational Media is unique in that it allows you to develop computer science and visual design skills to create impactful applications in the fields of software engineering, user experience design, animation, film, video game development, and beyond."

  • Jason Ellis

    Degree:  B.S. Science, Technology, and Culture (now Literature, Media, and Communication)
    Current Job:  Associate Professor of English and Director of the B.S. in Professional and Technical Writing Program at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY in Brooklyn, New York

    I think everyone should be reading more science fiction because it gives us language and ideas that help us grapple with the effects of rapid scientific and technological change on our lives, relationships, and culture.

  • Jessica Anderson

    Degree:  M.S. in Digital Media
    Current Job:  Research Scientist & Director of Dataworks at Georgia Tech

    "It was difficult for me to find my bearings in Digital Media, but going through that process strengthened my ability to find my own direction in a professional environment that isn’t prescriptive."

  • Jillian Broaddus

    Degree:  B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication
    Current Job:  President of Buzz84

    "The School of Literature, Media, and Communication fostered my passion for the arts, while simultaneously allowing me to gain a Bachelor of Science degree that made me exceptionally marketable amidst an uncertain job market."

  • John Edwards

    Degree:  B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication 2019
    Current Job:  Quantitative Analyst at the Seattle Mariners in Seattle, Washington

    John Edwards grew up as a big baseball fan. Now, he's a quantitative analyst for the Seattle Mariners, and his LMC degree helped him get there.

  • John Holleman

    Degree:  B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication, Summa Cum Laude
    Current Job:  Product Design Manager at ServiceNow

    "The bachelor's program in Literature, Media, and Communication was one of the only programs I could find that gave me the freedom to evolve my understanding of storytelling in the context of a relevant degree program."

  • Jolena Yao

    Degree:  B.S. in Computational Media

    Jolena is passionate about how her passion for animation can be used to communicate meaningful messages while reaching people from all walks of life.

  • Katie Lynn Sears

    Degree:  B.S. in Economics
    Current Job:  Illustrator, Graphics and Web Designer at Mushaboom Studio

    "Katie Lynn Sears studied Economics at Georgia Tech and made a habit of registering for LMC classes when she could. It was in an LMC class that Jillann Hertel encouraged her to pursue graphic design."

  • Kevin Guebert

    Degree:  B.S. Computational Media
    Current Job:  Developer Advocate at NCR Corporation

    "Being a Computational Media major has helped me become a stronger developer and stronger designer through the resources available and the support provided."

  • Kyle Blevens

    Degree:  B.S. in Computational Media
    Current Job:  Program Manager at Microsoft

    "I chose Georgia Tech, and Computational Media in particular, because I wanted to pursue my passion for games and try making my own."

  • Laura Grace Sears

    Degree:  B.S. in Media and Communication
    Current Job:  Co-founder of Mushaboom Studio

    Laura Grace loves visual storytelling and is also a bit of a brand messaging nerd which puts her in a perfect sweet spot for helping creative business owners visually tell their stories.

  • Lauren Lambert

    Degree:  B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication
    Current Job:  Hubble Space Telescope Intern at NASA

    She was inspired to apply to a NASA internship after meeting and writing about former astronaut, Dr. Mae Jemison, while serving on the editorial board for the Technique student newspaper.

  • Mary Hartness

    Degree:  B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication
    Current Job:  Project Manager II at Cox Communications

    Mary is passionate about making connections that help the world feel smaller.

  • Matthew Guzdial

    Degree:  Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science, B.S. in Computational Media
    Current Job:  Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta

    "I came to Georgia Tech not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, but knowing that I liked computers and I liked media. Given those facts, Computational Media seemed like a good fit for me."

  • Meg McPherson Heusel

    Degree:  B.S. in Science, Technology, and Culture (now LMC)
    Current Job:  Director of Field Marketing & Events at Flock Safety in Atlanta, GA

    Meg McPherson Heusel is the Director of Field Marketing and Events at Flock Safety — founded by a fellow GT grad — where she is responsible for developing and executing a strategic plan for revenue growth through field marketing programs and events.

  • Michael Vogel

    Degree:  M.S. in Digital Media
    Current Job:  Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of FANATICUS

    Alumni Michael Vogel proves that media and the humanities can make the biggest impact by combining strengths. “I have no interest in pursuing tech for tech’s sake — tech development needs to be tempered with social good.”

  • Oriana Indira Valencia

    Degree:  M.S. in Global Media and Cultures
    Current Job:  Spanish Instructor

    "I’ve learned how to pair these skills to engage in creative projects from geolocated stories to animation shorts to my final project. It’s been a rewarding experience and one that guarantees tremendous growth."

  • Priyanka Dave

    Degree:  B.S. Literature, Media, and Communication
    Current Job:  Physician Assistant Student at Mercer University

    Classes like Gender Studies, Literature in Medicine, and Ethnicity in American Literature exposed me to new perspectives and have helped me keep an open, critical mind about socioeconomic factors, gender, or age when making clinical decisions.

  • Sarah Cooper

    Degree:  M.S. in Digital Media
    Current Job:  Writer and Comedian

    Cooper had finally found her calling: not in acting, not in graphic design, not in digital media, but in comedy. Still, it took months for her to work up the nerve to tell her boss at Google that she was quitting.

  • Sumier Phalake

    Degree:  M.S. in Information Design and Technology/Digital Media
    Current Job:  Head of Design, Next Billion Users at Google

    "The Digital Media program allowed me to explore graphic design, motion design, game design and film and in the process learn more about myself as a designer and storyteller."