Carter Allen

Work Experience

I was offered an internship with the Urban Media Lab by the incredible Dr. Ayda Melika, who continues to be as equally inspiriting as my boss as she was as my professor. I jumped at the opportunity, never thinking I would be working in my prospective industry so early in my college career. I help run the Urban Media Lab at Tech, a newly founded laboratory on campus, and my job entails a mix of hosting, public speaking, producing content, and managing talent. Recently, I had the honor of interviewing Ziad Kalthoum, director of Taste of Cement, via Skype in the Student Center theatre hall. I’ve learned much about ‘behind the scenes’ scheduling and event organization. My only regret is that as I've become more skilled in planning film screenings and the amount of surplus food I can take back to my dorm has decreased.

Profile Type: Student
Degree: B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communications