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Aaron Santesso


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  • School of Literature, Media, and Communication


Aaron Santesso received his PhD in English, specializing in seventeenth and eighteenth-century literature. Before coming to Georgia Tech, he taught at Wesleyan University and the University of Nevada. His most recent book, co-authored with David Rosen (Trinity College, CT), is The Watchman in Pieces: Surveillance, Literature, and Liberal Personhood (Yale University Press), which was awarded the James Russell Lowell Prize by the Modern Language Association. The book argues that, since the Renaissance, changes in observation strategies have driven innovations in literature; literature, in turn, has provided a laboratory and forum for the way we think about surveillance and privacy. Ultimately, the book contends that the habits of mind cultivated by literature make rational and self-aware participation in contemporary surveillance environments possible. Professor Santesso's first book, A Careful Longing: The Poetics and Problems of Nostalgia, argues that our modern understanding of nostalgia is partly the legacy of eighteenth-century “nostalgia poems.” He has co-edited three books, including, most recently, a collection on Swift and satire from Cambridge University Press. He has published articles on privacy law, surveillance theory, early modern education, literary tourism, science fiction and other topics in a number of journals and law reviews, including ELH, Modern Philology, Modern Fiction StudiesEighteenth-Century Studies, Science Fiction Studies, and Law and Literature. With Professor Rosen, he has written for Slate and other venues.


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  • Education
  • Literature
  • Privacy
  • Surveillance


  • ENGL-1102: English Composition II
  • LCC-2400: Intro to Media Studies
  • LCC-2813: Special Topics in STAC
  • LCC-3102: The Classical Tradition
  • LCC-3108: Sci, Tech & Enlightenment
  • LCC-3118: Sci, Tech&American Empire
  • LCC-3202: Studies in Fiction
  • LCC-3302: Science, Tech & Ideology
  • LCC-3314: Tech of Representation
  • LCC-3833: Special Topics in STAC
  • LCC-4100: Seminar in STAC
  • LCC-4102: Senior Thesis
  • LCC-6215: Media Studies
  • LMC-2000: Intro-Lit, Media, & Comm
  • LMC-2050: Lit, Media, Comm Seminar
  • LMC-2100: Intro to STAC
  • LMC-2400: Intro to Media Studies
  • LMC-3102: The Classical Tradition
  • LMC-3106: Age Sci Revolution
  • LMC-3108: Sci Tech & Enlightenment
  • LMC-3202: Studies in Fiction
  • LMC-3314: Tech of Representation
  • LMC-3506: Enlightenment Lit & Cult
  • LMC-3833: Special Topics in STAC
  • LMC-4100: Seminar in STAC
  • LMC-4102: Senior Thesis