Tech in the News: Bill Gates's Fortune Isn't Going Anywhere

Ian Bogost

Posted November 11, 2019

External Article: The Atlantic

Ivan Allen College Distinguished Chair in Media Studies Ian Bogost wrote "Bill Gates's Fortune Isn't Going Anywhere" in The Atlantic, November 7.

Read an excerpt below:

Money: It’s a concern. But the problem it poses is different for the wealthy than it is for ordinary folks—or even for just plain rich people. When most Americans worry about money, we’re worrying about income: Will I make enough money this week, this month, or this year to cover my expenses—let alone to sock some away for vacation, a down payment, retirement, college?

Modestly rich people face the same issue, but at a different scale. A family making $350,000 might feel like they’re just getting by, because so much of that income goes right out the door again—into private-school tuition, fancy clothes, or other trappings of upper-class life that seem necessary, even if those expenditures look like luxuries from a middle-class perspective.

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