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  • Digital Media Logo

    LMC Alumni Celebrate 20th Anniversary of the Digital Media Master's Program

    Alumni from the School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC) gathered at the Stephen C. Hall Building on November 19 for “Personal …


  • Le Dantec

    Sunday, Nov. 22: "From Herndon Homes to two Georgia Domes: 100 Years of Westside History"

    From Herndon Homes to two Georgia Domes: 100 Years of Westside HistoryWhen: Sunday, November 22 12:00 - 2:00pmWhere: 550 Lindsay Street, …

Faculty Highlight

Philip Auslander

Humanism, Technology, and Performance

Student Highlight

Jessica Anderson

Curating Experimental Art at the Goat Farm

Alumni Highlight

John Holleman

The Least Likely Tech Alumnus

Random Quote About the School

The role that LMC plays in the humanistic side of what our students take away from their Tech experience is more important than ever.

Steven W. McLaughlin, Chair, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering