Technical Communication Minor

The Technical Communication (TC) minor offers students the opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of Technical Communication through concentrated study in courses offered by LMC.


Students interested in the minor should consult with their own major advisor and with the Academic Advisor in LMC. 


The Technical Communication faculty include:

  • Dr. Rebecca Burnett
  • Dr. Andy Frazee
  • Dr. Karen Head


After completing the prerequisite in Technical Communication: LMC 3403, 3431/3432, students must take 5 courses (15 total hours) distributed according to the menu below. At least 4 of these classes (12 credit hours) must be at the 3000-level or above. Students in the TC minor must take all minor courses for letter grades, and they must attain grades of C (2.0) or better in all their minor courses to complete this program of study. Required courses include:

Technical Communication Minor

  1. At least one of the following courses (3 - 6 hours):

    • LMC 3302: Science, Technology, and Ideology
    • LMC 3310: The Rhetoric of Scientific Inquiry
  2. Three of the following courses (9 - 12 hours):

    • LMC 3408: The Rhetoric of Technical Narratives
    • LMC 3410: The Rhetoric of Nonlinear Documents
    • LMC 3412: Communicating Science and Technology to the Public
    • LMC 3414: Intellectual Property Policy and Law in Communication and Technology
    • LMC 4406: Contemporary Issues in Professional Communication

Total Credit Hours: 15 credits (5 courses)

Students and advisors should review the undergraduate minor guidelines and Institute provisions for change of/additions to undergraduate academic minors, as established by the Georgia Tech Registrar's Office.

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