Performance Studies Minor

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication offers a minor in Performance Studies that explores the traditional performing arts in relation to anthropological and sociological conceptions of performance as an intrinsic part of human life.

PS minor courses are evenly divided between those specifically designated as Performance Studies classes and those more closely associated with Film Studies, Media Studies, and Theatre Studies. Students pursuing the minor will receive both a solid grounding in performance studies and the opportunity to connect performance studies with various other disciplines, including their own fields of study. Students will also have many opportunities to engage in the hands-on experience of performance making.


Performance Studies faculty include:

  • Dr. Philip Auslander
  • Ms. Melissa Foulger
  • Dr. Bob Wood


Students interested in the minor should consult with their own major advisor and with the Academic Advisor in LMC. 


After completing the prerequisite of ENGL 1102, students must take 5 courses (15 total hours) distributed according to the menu below. Students in the PS minor must take all minor courses for letter grades, and they must attain grades of C (2.0) or better in all their minor courses to complete this program of study. At least 12 of the 15 minor hours must be taken at the 3000-level or above. Required courses include:

Performance Studies Minor

  1. Performance Sudies (3 hours):

    • LMC 2600: Intro to Perform Studies

  2. Focused Studies in Performance (One of the following courses - 3 hours):

    • LMC 3262: Performance Studies
    • LMC 3362: Sci, Tech & Performance
    • LMC 3863: Spec Topics-Performance
  3. Seminars in Performance (3 hours):

    • LMC 4600: Seminar in Performance
  4. Theatre, Film, Media Studies, Performance Practicum (Three of the following courses - 9 hours):

    • LMC 2400: Introduction to Media Studies or LMC 2500 Introduction to Film
    • LMC 3216: Theatre I
    • LMC 3218: Theatre II
    • LMC 3220: Theatre III
    • LMC 3226: Major Authors
    • LMC 3228: Shakespeare
    • LMC 3252: Film and Television
    • LMC 3254: Film History
    • LMC 3256: Major Filmmakers
    • LMC 3352: Film and/as Technology
    • LMC 3406: Video Production
    • LMC 3853: Special Topics
    • LMC 4400: Seminar in Media Studies
    • LMC 4500: Seminar in Film Studies
    • LMC 4602: Performance Practicum

Total Credit Hours: 18 credits (6 courses)

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