Minors and Certificates

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC) offers four minors and three certificates. The School also participates in five interdisciplinary minors and one interdisciplinary certificate. Like the School's degree programs, its minor and certificate programs are designed to introduce students to innovative perspectives in the humanities while contributing to the Institute’s mission of producing graduates who can think critically and creatively at the intersection of science, technology, and the arts.

All Literature Media and Communication specific minors and certificates are available to students in all majors outside the School of Literature Media and Communication. LMC and Computational Media (CM) majors may not elect LMC-specific minors, but they may elect LMC interdisciplinary minors and LMC certificates.

LMC specific minors include:

LMC multidisciplinary minors include:

LMC certificates include:

For more information regarding Undergraduate Minors, please see the Georgia Tech Catalog or contact the LMC Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies (ADUS), JC Reilly.

Students can declare an LMC minor by completing an official Georgia Tech Minor Form in consultation with the Academic Advisor in LMC. Students can declare an LMC certificate by completing an official LMC Certificate Form (available by clicking on the name of the appropriate certificate program above) in consultation with the Academic Advisor in LMC.