Certificate in Literary and Cultural Studies

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication's undergraduate certificate in Literary and Cultural Studies provides a coherent program that allows students to pursue theories and methods of literary and cultural analysis and encourages them to examine, from various perspectives, a wide range of texts and artifacts.

A student may choose courses which concentrate on cultural analyses of science and technology or those that emphasize more traditional approaches to literary culture. These courses fulfill humanities requirements.


After completing the ENGL 1101-1102 sequence, those pursuing the certificate can fulfill the four-course requirement by taking one history-based course, two issue-based courses, and one capstone seminar.

With the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, the student may substitute LMC special topics classes (LMC 3823, 3833, 3843, 3853, 3863) when the subject is appropriate to the certificate. During his or her last semester, the student submits a petition for certificate (completed advisement sheet) to the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies (ADUS); when it is approved, the certificate is awarded to the student during the final week of the semester.

Certificate in Literary and Cultural Studies

  1. Historical Course (3 hours):

    • Select any LMC 21xx or 35xx course
  2. Issues/Genres Courses (6 hours):

    • Select two LMC 32xx or 33xx courses
  3. Capstone Seminar (3 hours):

    • LMC 4200: Seminar in Lit/Culture

Total Credit Hours: 12 credits (4 courses)

More Information

For more information, please see the certificate advisement sheet: