Sumier Phalake

Work Experience

I currently lead a team at Google that focuses on products that bring connectivity to users in emerging markets. I love solving problems with design, and have pursued applying design and research to achieve positive human impact throughout my career. However, in 2002, User Experience had yet to come into its own as a field. After my undergrad in Computer Science, I found myself becoming increasingly interested in design as a practice. Over the next few years I explored graphic design, motion design, game design and film. The Digital Media program at the School of Literature, Communication and Culture allowed me to explore these paths and in the process learn more about myself as a designer and storyteller.

The program itself focused on building foundational skills that helped me as a design thinker, exploring philosophy and art history, principles of visual design and business skills critical to a design career. But beyond that, I appreciated the emphasis on going beyond the theoretical, and actually getting an opportunity to build things and create. I got to work on projects like interactive art installations, documentary filmmaking and interactive television. Most of all, I loved the exposure and mentorship from the fantastic faculty. Each one taught me lessons I use to this day at Google.

Contact: Sumier on LinkedIn

Profile Type: Alumni
Degree: M.S. in Information Design and Technology/Digital Media
Job: Staff User Experience Design Lead / UX Manager at Google