John Holleman

Personal Quote

I am the least likely Tech alumnus; I always struggled with math and science but I love the arts and storytelling.  The bachelor's program in Literature, Media, and Communication was one of the only programs I could find that gave me the freedom to evolve my understanding of storytelling in the context of a relevant degree program.  Immediately following graduation, I became the Lead Designer in University Communications at Stanford University.

I benefited immensely from the experiences and perspectives I encountered in LMC classes.  The program offers breadth through an interdisciplinary approach to liberal arts. The biggest benefit is constant exposure to new ideas and unique people combined with a rigorous approach to problem solving.  With each class I took, I kept uncovering the rich and eclectic experience of the faculty there; getting to know my professors was rewarding and helpful - they're fascinating and one of the most valuable parts of being in LMC.  Also, there's a growing alumni base at LMC, so while degrees these days are what you make of them, there's a great network here to connect with - we go on to do a lot of very different and fascinating things.

I'm a product designer who is skilled at interaction design, product strategy and visual design.  My superpower is seeing what's possible and then aligning people to solve complex problems in simple, elegant ways.

Profile Type: Alumni
Degree: B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication, Summa Cum Laude
Job: Senior UX Designer at ServiceNow