Featured Person Profiles


  • Anne Sullivan
      Current Job:  Assistant Professor
      Tag Line:  Dr. Sullivan's research explores the ways we can encourage and enable underrepresented voices in games. Her work has been shown internationally and at the SAAM Arcade event at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

  • Lisa Yaszek
      Current Job:  Professor, School of Literature, Media, and Communication
      Tag Line:  From alien warrior queens to fighting housewives and heroic astronauts – In her latest book, The Future is Female!, Dr. Yaszek highlights stories written between the 1920s and the feminist movements of the 1970s.

  • Nassim Parvin
      Current Job:  Assistant Professor
      Tag Line:  An award-winning educator whose research answers pressing questions about the influence of digital technologies on the future of social and collective interactions.

  • Yanni Loukissas
      Current Job:  Assistant Professor
      Tag Line:  Dr. Loukissas’s research focuses on helping creative people think critically about the social implications of emerging technologies.


  • Adam LeDoux
      Degree:  B.S. Computational Media
      Current Job:  Program Manager at Microsoft
      Tag Line:  "Computational Media taught me how to see the computer not just as a tool, but as a medium for artistic expression, and it taught to view the making of art as the technological process it always has been."

  • Jessica Anderson
      Degree:  M.S. Digital Media 2016
      Current Job:  Curating Experimental Art at the Goat Farm
      Tag Line:  "It was difficult for me to find my bearings in Digital Media, but going through that process strengthened my ability to find my own direction in a professional environment that isn’t prescriptive."

  • Kevin Guebert
      Degree:  Pursuing B.S. Computational Media
      Tag Line:  "Being a Computational Media major has helped me become a stronger developer and stronger designer through the resources available and the support provided."

  • Matthew Guzdial
      Degree:  PhD Candidate in Computer Science, B.S. in Computational Media
      Tag Line:  "I came to Georgia Tech not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, but knowing that I liked computers and I liked media. Given those facts, Computational Media seemed like a good fit for me."


  • Al Matthews
      Degree:  M.S. Digital Media 2008
      Current Job:  Software Developer, Atlanta University Center, Robert W. Woodruff Library
      Tag Line:  "I find that it's the breadth of my experience that makes me both technically and strategically viable."

  • Dhanusha Subramani
      Degree:  Bachelor of Science in Literature, Media, and Communication
      Tag Line:  "LMC has played an important role in allowing me to explore and gain competency in the humanities and the sciences."

  • Emma Hargrave
      Degree:  Pursuing B.S. Computational Media
      Tag Line:  "From Intro to Object Oriented Programming to Advanced Video Production, I've loved all of my classes and been able to see exactly where I will be applying this information later in my life."

  • Jillian Broaddus
      Degree:  BSLMC
      Current Job:  Project Manager and Social Media Director at Assessment+, Inc.
      Tag Line:  "The School of Literature, Media, and Communication fostered my passion for the arts, while simultaneously allowing me to gain a Bachelor of Science degree that made me exceptionally marketable amidst an uncertain job market."

  • John Holleman
      Degree:  B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication, Summa Cum Laude
      Current Job:  Lead Designer, Web Communications at Stanford University
      Tag Line:  "The bachelors program in Literature, Media, and Communication was one of the only programs I could find that gave me the freedom to evolve my understanding of storytelling in the context of a relevant degree program."

  • Kyle Blevins
      Degree:  BS Computational Media
      Current Job:  Program Manager at Microsoft
      Tag Line:  "I chose Georgia Tech, and Computational Media in particular, because I wanted to pursue my passion for games and try making my own."

  • Michael Vogel
      Degree:  MS in Digital Media
      Current Job:  Research technician at Georgia Tech and CEO of FANATICUS
      Tag Line:  Alumni Michael Vogel proves that media and the humanities can make the biggest impact by combining strengths. “I have no interest in pursuing tech for tech’s sake — tech development needs to be tempered with social good.”

  • Sumier Phalake
      Degree:  MS in Information Design and Technology/Digital Media
      Current Job:  Staff User Experience Designer/Design lead at Google
      Tag Line:  "The Digital Media program allowed me to explore graphic design, motion design, game design and film and in the process learn more about myself as a designer and storyteller."