Brad Rittenhouse

Academic Professional and Lab Coordinator, Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center

Member Of:
  • School of Literature, Media, and Communication


Brad received his Ph. D. in Literature from the University of Miami in 2017. His work looks at the use of literary aesthetics as data management strategies in nineteenth-century American writing. He is also currently working on a digital humanities project that looks to quantitatively identify information across a corpus of nineteenth-century literary works. In his role as Lab Coordinator at DILAC, Brad looks forward to working with both students and faculty to integrate interesting uses of digital technology into humanities research.


  • ENGL-1102: English Composition II
  • LMC-2060: Intro to Lit Studies
  • LMC-3511: American Lit & Culture
  • LMC-4720: Interactive Narrative
  • LMC-6317: Interactive Fiction