Overloads and Permits

What are overloads and permits?

All Georgia Tech courses are capped at a certain number of students. In the OSCAR Override System A course overload is a permission to register for a course that is full. A permit is a permission to register for a class that is designated for a special population (for instance, permission to enter a class that is major-restricted.)

Why are the enrollment caps initially set at five?

In order to ensure that Computational Media and Literature, Media, and Communication students have access to classes which they need to complete degree requirements, we set the caps on the first day to 5 so that populations who register first do not take up all the seats in our classes. We will gradually increase the enrollments the first week of Registration as time tickets for all GT students open up.

When should I take ENGL 1102?

All students should plan to take ENGL 1102 the spring semester after they have passed ENGL 1101. In the fall semester, most seats in ENGL 1101 and 1102 are reserved for incoming freshmen. GT students are required to complete ENGL 1101 and 1102 by the time they reach 30 hours.

How may I request an overload or permit for ENGL 1101 or 1102?

LMC does NOT issue overloads for ENGL 1101 or 1102. Please choose from among available seats for these classes. Graduating seniors may contact jc.reilly@lmc.gatech.edu if they have not yet taken one of these courses.

How may I request an overload for LMC 3403?

LMC is no longer using the waitlist function for these classes. Only graduating seniors should request overloads via OSCAR.

Why are some LMC 3403 courses major restricted?

Some LMC 3403 courses are about subjects that best suit the needs of a specific population.

Which LMC 3403 courses are major restricted?

LMC 3403-MG1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are restricted to MGT and BA sophomore, juniors, and seniors.

LMC 3403-CS is restricted for CS Seniors. CS students who are not seniors are restricted from ALL sections of LMC 3403 in order to fulfill degree requirements of a new two-part joint Tech Comm class with CS. Freshmen, sophomore, and junior CS students should register for the first part of the Junior Design sequence, LMC 4812, along with CS 3801. Students who have already taken LMC 4812/CS 3801 should register for the second part of the sequence, Junior Design 2, LMC 4811/CS 3802.

Major restrictions will be removed in Phase 2.

Help! I’m a CS freshman, sophomore, or junior! Why can’t I register for LMC 3403?

Please see the previous answer regarding LMC 4812/ CS 3801 and LMC 4811/ CS 3802.

Why can’t I register for LMC 2100, LMC 2200, LMC 2700, LMC 2720, LMC 2730, LMC 3314, or LMC 3406?

LMC and CM majors and FME, WSTS, and FMS minors need these courses for graduation. It is unlikely that we will lift the major restriction for LMC 2100 and 2200 in Phase 1, but it may be possible in Phase 2.

LMC 2700, 2720, 2730, and 3314 are major restricted because STAC/LMC and CM majors need these courses for graduation. These classes will NOT be opened to other students.

How may I request an overload or a permit for an LMC class?

Students may request overloads and permits for LMC courses on the OSCAR override request system. Permit requests will generally be considered each Monday and Thursday until registration ends.

Why are LMC 3204, LMC 3224, and LMC 4204 permit restricted?

These courses require permission from the instructor for registration. These courses generally only have space for fifteen students each and fill quickly.

If I am an LMC or CM major and need permits in other disciplines, how can I find out where to get them?

Please visit the departmental contact list on the registrar’s webpage.

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