Exploring LMC's Role as a Champion for the Arts at Georgia Tech


Posted September 28, 2021

The Ivan Allen College and the School of Literature, Media, and Communication have long played an irreplaceable role in arts education and expression at Georgia Tech. That role has never been more critical than today as we continue to grapple with a global pandemic. Atlanta is also growing a media hub, creating new opportunities for students and faculty alike.

“This is the place for storytellers,” said Melissa Foulger, who teaches in LMC and is the artistic director for DramaTech, Georgia Tech’s student-run theater. “We are tapping into those human elements and making a whole person. At the same time, we’re connecting back to the world of technology that exists on campus.”

To learn more about LMC’s role in the arts, read our feature, “Art, Pandemic, and a Path Forward: Literature, Media, and Communication as a Steward of the Arts at Georgia Tech.”

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