News: Translation of Utz Plenary Published in Brazilian Journal

Richard Utz

Posted June 23, 2020

A Portuguese translation of Richard Utz’ plenary presentation from the 2015 International Congress on Medieval Studies has been published in the Brazilian journal Roda da Fortuna.

“Few pleasures are as great for an academic than when one's work receives the deep and serious attention of a colleague who translates and parses ones thoughts for a new audience,” said Utz, chair of the School of Literature, Media, and Communication and president of the International Society for the Study of Medievalism.

Brazilian scholar Bárbara Roma translated the presentation, titled "The Notion of the Middle Ages: Our Middle Ages, Our Selves." In it, Utz sought to “reform the ways in which my colleagues and I think about our academic engagement with the Middle Ages.”

The translated presentation appears in the journal’s February edition. It is available at

An English-language version is available at

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