Tech in the News: Stranger Than Sci-Fi

Lisa Yaszek headshot

Posted July 18, 2019

External Article: BBC

Georgia Tech School of Literature, Media, and Communication Professor Lisa Yaszek was a featured speaker on the first episode of the BBC Radio 4 show, "Stranger Than Sci-Fi," July 17.


Astro-physicist Dr Jen Gupta and comedian Alice Fraser travel the parallel worlds of science and sci-fi.

Starting with the latest books and films, they discover real life science that sounds too strange to be true - from babies grown in bags, via black hole Jacuzzis, to flowers that behave like our ears.

Each programme starts with imagined futures and ends with today’s latest scientific research, exploring along the way how each impacts the other. This episode dives into the science behind Anne Charnock's book, Dreams Before The Start Of Time, which imagines a future where babies can be grown in artificial wombs. How close is modern technology to making this a reality?

The episode can be streamed in its entirety here.

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication is a unit of Georgia Tech's Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.