Tech in the News: Yea or Neigh: Is 'Old Town Road' 2019's Song of the Summer?

Joycelyn Wilson

Posted July 10, 2019

External Article: Georgia Public Broadcasting

Georgia Tech School of Literature, Media, and Communication Assistant Professor Joycelyn Wilson was interviewed in "Yea or Neigh: Is 'Old Town Road' 2019's Song of the Summer?" by Georgia Public Broadcasting, July 3.


Months back, Billboard yanked 'Old Town Road' from its Hot Country chart, after hearing complaints that, essentially, Atlanta native Lil Nas X and his music weren't country enough. Georgia Tech professor and music journalist Joycelyn Wilson begs to differ.

"Black people, blues music, is very much a part of the development of what we get as country," Wilson told On Second Thought. "That storytelling, that sound, and the role of black musicians in creating those stories and those sounds is very much indigenous to the music and the culture but maybe not the genre so much at this point."

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication is a unit of Georgia Tech's Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

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