News: Ivan Allen College Faculty Elected to Faculty Standing Committees

Karen Head David Shook Justin Burkett

Posted May 23, 2019

Three faculty from the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts have been elected to serve on Georgia Tech Faculty Standing Committees.

David Shook, associate professor of Spanish in the School of Modern Languages, will continue to serve on the Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee; Karen Head, associate professor in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication, will serve on the Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee; and Justin E. Burkett, assistant professor in the School of Economics, will serve on the Academic Integrity Committee. 

“Ivan Allen College faculty are actively engaged with the curriculum at all levels; we care deeply about the quality of the academic experience for students and for faculty; and we are committed to excellence across all of our enterprises,” said Ivan Allen College Dean Jacqueline Royster. “Having Ivan Allen College faculty representation on these committees demonstrates our willingness to stand up for our beliefs and commitments.”

Faculty Standing Committee members have the power to effect significant policy changes on campus. These Standing Committees are expected to assemble and evaluate information relevant to their topics, propose policies or procedures for consideration, and to make other recommendations for action. After approval of a policy or procedure, the Standing Committee is charged with assuring that all employees and units of the Institute act in accord with the policy.

Elections to the Faculty Standing Committees occur each spring semester. Elected faculty members of a Standing Committee serve a three-year term beginning at the start of the Fall semester and may succeed themselves once.