News: Science Fiction Day Recommendations from Georgia Tech's Science Fiction Faculty


Posted December 31, 2018

Science Fiction Day, also known as the birthday of renowned science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, is Jan. 2. While it’s a great day to watch Star Wars for the 17th time (what day isn’t?), it is also a great time to dig deep into the science fiction archive for some undiscovered or forgotten treasures and look at the genre from a new viewpoint.

In that spirit, we asked the science fiction experts in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication to offer some suggestions for your Science Fiction Day consideration. They came back with recommendations ranging from a Civil War zombie story to a tour through the history of science fiction imagery to recommendations that will familiarize you with the stories that influenced some of science fiction's biggest franchises.

To see the recommendations, read, "Science Fiction Day Recommendations for Science Fiction Day from Georgia Tech's Science Fiction Faculty."

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