News: Professor Yaszek featured in articles about strong-minded women, rampaging robots, smart drugs, and eclipses in science fiction

Lisa Yaszek, professor in the School of Literature, Media, and Communications (Photo by Georgia Tech)

Posted August 22, 2017

This summer LMC Professor Lisa Yaszek has been featured in a series of national and international articles about the relations of science, society, and science fiction. Yaszek, a leading historian of women's science fiction, speaks about this subject in episode 120 of MF Galaxy, a literary and political podcast produced by critically acclaimed Afro-Canadian author-activist Minister Faust ( She also shares her ideas about the resurgent popularity of feminist utopias and dystopias in current political moment with Playground, a Spanish magazine of technology and culture (

Yaszek discusses the complex and sometimes contradictory relations of science and science fiction in other venues as well. She provides insight into widespread cultural anxieties about automation in the IO9 article "Why We Want Robots to Destoy Us So Badly" ( and explores our equally widespread hopes about nootropics in "Bad News: We'll Probably Never Have Smart Drugs" (

Finally, Yaszek provides a brief history of eclipses in science fiction across media for Georgia Tech's own Colleges of Science (