Tech in the News: Writing for Wider Audiences: Structural Challenges for Scholars

Ian Bogost

Posted July 13, 2017

External Article: Inside Higher Ed

Ian Bogost, professor in the Georgia Tech School of Literature, Media, and Communication, was mentioned in an article in Inside Higher Ed “Writing for Wider Audiences: Structural Challenges for Scholars”


“When it comes to writing for wider audiences, what are the key challenges that scholars face? In these pages, Christopher Schaberg and Ian Bogost recently listed 10,ranging from academics’ lack of knowledge of the publishing world to their seemingly “jerky” attitudes.

While Schaberg and Bogost recognize that writing for nonacademic audiences “isn’t for everyone.” Our ongoing research on the perceptions and activities of U.S. faculty highlights that, in reality, these activities are for hardly anyone. In order to address the challenges for scholars in writing for broader audiences, we must first recognize and contend with the major structural barriers that prevent scholars from doing so.”

For the full article, read here.