Faculty in LMC are highly active in research and scholarship. For many of their projects, they garner highly competitive grants from government and industry. 

The Carnegie Foundation ranks Georgia Tech among the nation’s premier research institutions. Not surprisingly, faculty in our School are highly productive scholars, whose publications have considerable impact in their areas of specialty.

Our faculty are also involved in continuing publications, as editors and directors of book series, journals, and newsletters. Here are some examples:

  • Debates in the Digital Humanities (University of Minnesota Press) is a hybrid print/digital publication stream that explores debates in the field as they emerge. It is co-edited by LMC's Lauren Klein.

  • Decodings, the electronic newsletter of the Society of Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA), is edited by LMC’s Carol Colatrella.

  • Design Issues is the first American academic journal to examine design history, theory, and criticism. It is published by MIT Press, and LMC’s Carl DiSalvo’s is one of its co-editors.

  • Medievally Speaking, the review journal encouraging critical engagement with the continuing process of inventing the Middle Ages. It is edited by LMC’s Richard Utz.

  • Object Lessons is a series of essays in The Atlantic and a book series with Bloomsbury Publishers investigating the hidden life of ordinary things. It is co-edited by LMC’s Ian Bogost.

  • Platform Studies is a book series that invites authors to investigate the relationships between the hardware and software design of computing systems and the creative works produced on those systems. It is published by MIT Press and edited by LMC’s Ian Bogost.

  • Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities is a refereed journal that welcomes manuscripts on various aspects of film, including film history and the response of film and the humanities to technology. It is co-edited by LMC’s Jay Telotte.

  • TECHStyle is an electronic forum for digital pedagogy and research edited and published by LMC’s Marion L. Brittain postdoctoral fellows in Georgia Tech’s Writing & Communication Program.

  • Terminus Magazine is an annual creative writing journal seeking to publish the most thought-provoking, socially and culturally aware writing available. It is co-edited by LMC’s Travis Denton, the Associate Director of Poetry @ Tech.

  • The Year’s Work in Medievalism, an open access journal of the International Society for the Study of Medievalism, investigates the reception of medieval culture in postmedieval times. It is co-edited by LMC’s Richard Utz.