WST Lrn C dinner with Prof. Tequila Harris

February 5, 2024, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Stein study lounge, 4th St. A

Join the WST Learning Community for dinner with Dr. Tequila Harris, Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Harris is an alumna of Lane College and earned MS and PhD degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She has received many awards, including an NSF Early Career Award

Dr. Harris’ research is focused on exploring the connectivity between the functionality of nano- to macro- level films, components, and systems based on their manufacture or design and their life expectancy, thereby elucidating mechanisms by which performance or durability can be predicted.  She is interested in using both simulations and experimentation to better understand this connectivity.

By addressing complex fundamental problems, Dr. Harris aims to impact a plethora of industries, although applications of direct interest to her include energy (e.g., polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells), electronics (e.g., organic electronics), and environmental (e.g., water). 

She has experience in developing systematic design and manufacturing methodologies for complex energy systems which directly involve material characterization, tooling design and analysis, computational and analytical modeling, experimentation, and system optimization. Currently her research projects focus on investigating the fundamental science associated with fluid transport, materials processing and design issues for energy/electronic/environmental systems. 

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