Skiles Building

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC) is committed to teaching and research in cultural studies, new media studies, and the humanities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Building on the reputation and resources of Georgia Tech, LMC is especially concerned with cultural studies of science and technology, with designing and creating digital artifacts, and with communication in a variety of media contexts.

As a central part of its mission, LMC provides instruction in writing and other modes of communication, as well as core humanities courses, for all Georgia Tech undergraduates.

LMC supports two undergraduate degrees, a B.S. in Science, Technology and Culture that emphasizes the intersection of science, technology, and the humanities, and a B.S. in Computational Media that explores the use of the computer as a medium for communication and expression.

At the graduate level, LMC offers an M.S. in Digital Media, an M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction, and a Ph.D. in Digital Media.

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication is a unit of the Ivan Allen College, Georgia Tech's liberal arts college.