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Humanistic Perspectives
on a Technological World

Brittain Postdoctoral Fellows

J. Stephen Addcox

University of Florida
19th-century British literature, narrative poetry, video-game studies

Kristin Allukian

University of Florida
19th-century American Literature, 18th-century American Literature, Women’s Literature, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory

Joy Bracewell

University of Georgia
Research Interests: Nineteenth-century Transatlantic Studies, the Black Atlantic, Visual Literacy

Phoebe Bronstein

University of Oregon
Research Interests: Film and television history and theory

John Browning

SUNY Buffalo
American Studies, Film and Media Studies, Popular Culture, Digital Humanities, Ethnography, Cultural Studies, Victorian and Fin de siècle Literature, Gothic and Horror Studies, Deviance

Chelsea Bullock

University of Oregon
Television studies; feminist media studies; digital humanities; new media theory; cultural studies; celebrity studies; affect theory

Mauro Carassai

University of Florida
Digital Media, Criticism and Theory, American Studies

Lisa Dusenberry

University of Florida
Research Interests: Children’s Literature and Digital Media, Media Theory, Technical Communication

Annalee Edmondson

University of Georgia
Research Interests: 19th–21st-century British literature, literary modernism, narrative theory, the novel, feminist theory, ethics, affect theory

Marty Fink

City University of New York
Research Interests: Queer/trans studies, HIV/AIDS and new media, graphic novels, DIY zine culture, prison activism

Amanda Golden

University of Washington
Research Interests: Poetry, Anglo-American Modernism, Digital Humanities, Composition

Michael Griffin

Louisiana State University
20th- and 21st-Century American Literature, 20th- and 21st-Century British Literature, Comparative Literature, The Contemporary Novel, Genre Theory, History of the Book, Modernist Studies, Narrative Theory, The Novel and the Visual, Textual Studies, Visual Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies

Dustin Hannum

University of Rochester
Research Interests: American literature, literary theory, rhetoric and composition, film

Leah Haught

University of Rochester
Research Interests: Medieval Literatures and Cultures, Middle English Arthuriana

Julie Hawk

Georgia State University
Research Interests: Post-1945 American Literature/Cultural Studies, Critical Theory

Sarah Higinbotham

Georgia State University
Early Modern Literature, Law & Literature, Human Rights & Literature, Critical Prison Theory

Joshua Hussey

University of Georgia
Poetics in seventeenth, eighteenth, and twentieth-century American Literature

Liz Hutter

University of Minnesota
Research Interests: 19th-century American literature and culture; literature, science, and gender; transatlantic literary studies; business and technical communication

Valerie Johnson

University of Rochester
Research Interests: Medievalism and media adaptation, the Robin Hood tradition

Caitlin Kelly

University of Missouri
Research Interests: The long eighteenth century; history of the novel; print, political, and religious cultures

Jonathan Kotchian

University of Connecticut
Research Interests: Authorship, Composition Pedagogy, Early Modern English Literature, Digital Humanities

Nicole Lobdell

University of Georgia
Primary Fields: 18th and 19th century British literature and culture; the novel Other Interests: The Gothic novel; literature and science; nineteenth-century technology and science; Early-American literature; women writers

Monica Miller

Louisiana State University
Feminist and Gender Theory; Southern and Appalachian Literature; Queer Theory, American Literature

Mirja Lobnik

Emory University
Research Interests: Literature of the Americas, Interdisciplinary Studies of Memory and Orality, Multimodal Composition

Gabriel Lovatt

University of Georgia
Research Interests: Experimental literature, British modernism, the international avant-garde

Noah Mass

University of Texas
Research Interests: Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature, Southern Literature, African-American Literature, Regionalism, and Transnational Studies

Patrick McHenry

University of Florida
Research Interests: American Modernist Poetry, Literature, and Culture; Literary and Critical Theory; New Media Studies, Cultural Studies

Olga Menagarishvili

University of Minnesota
Research Interests: Classical and Modern Rhetorical Theory, Scientific and Technical Communication Research and Theory, Stylistics, Lexicography

Lauren Neefe

SUNY Stony Brook
Romanticism; poetry and poetics; the transatlantic nineteenth century; print culture; epistolary traditions; genre and media studies

Sarah O'Brien

University of Toronto
Cinema and Media Studies; Animal Studies and Cultural Studies

Iuliu Ratiu

SUNY Albany
Research Interests: Analytical Writing and Life Narratives, Nineteenth-Century American Literature: Thoreau, Transcendentalism and Antebellum Literature

Eric Rettberg

University of Virginia
20th-century American and British literature across genres, Digital Humanities and New Media, Transatlantic modernism, History and theory of poetry and poetics in English

Joy Robinson

Illinois Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Virtual teams and teaming, digital media and literacy, new media, computer mediated communication, internet culture, technical communication

Julia Smith

University of Illinois
Medieval Literature (gender studies), Medieval Women Writers, Anglo-Saxon literature, Medieval Rhetoric, Chaucer, Manuscript and Early Book Technology, History of Text Technologies, History of Rhetoric, Rhetorical Theory, Writing Across Media, Women in the History of Rhetoric, Historiography, Rhetorical Agency, New Media Studies; Business Communication

Clint Stivers

University of Tennessee
Research Interests: 20th-century American and British literature; film history, criticism, and theory; American cinema

Patti Taylor

University of Connecticut
Research Interests: Early modern literature, book history, adaptation theory, rhetoric and composition

Christina Van Houten

University of Florida
Research Interests: American Modernism, Feminist and Critical Theory, and Twentieth Century Studies

Rebecca Weaver

University of Minnesota
Research Interests: Poetry Communities, Community Studies, Contemporary Poetry and Poetics

Caroline Young

University of Georgia
twentieth-century American literature and contemporary poetics, with an emphasis on experimental women’s writing